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Visual Candy
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Hey there Jrock kids across the world, this is a community for Visual Candy!
What is Visual Candy you ask? Well it's simple! Visual Candy are those lovely pictures of Jrockers that just awe you. The costumes, the make up, the dancing, everything visual about Visual Kei and Jrock.
Have an awesome picture of your favorite Jrocker? Post it here! For all us kids who haven't seen the beauty of all that is visual Kei.
When posting a picture, if it is wider than 400 pixels, please use the LJ cut tag. That can be found at the Livejournal FAQ for those of you who don't know what that is ^__________^!
Hey and please post your fanart here! We love fanart!
I, Michael Lewis, am on the prowl for pictures of Malice Mizer from the "Bara no Seidou" era and post Klaha's leave. If you know of any sites that feature this, or you have some pictures yourself that you wouldn't mind to share, please email them to Jrockaholic@Hotmail.com! Have a good day!

*Designed, maintained and all that jazz by MikeyLewis*

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